Meta Ads

Beyond Likes, Beyond Shares: Unlock the Lead-Generating Power of Facebook & Instagram Ads

From Facebook Friends to Loyal Customers: Engage, Convert, and Grow with Targeted Social Advertising

Is your business stuck in the Facebook echo chamber? Are you getting buried in algorithm updates?

You're not alone. Businesses everywhere struggle to make a dent in the vast social media landscape, losing leads and wasting precious ad dollars.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Best Day Digital Marketing is Your Meta Ads Whisperer

We've cracked the code of Facebook and Instagram – crafting captivating campaigns that convert casual scrollers into dedicated customers. Captivate your audience with eye-catching visuals, compelling copy, and A/B-tested messaging that resonates and drives action.

Rekindle the Flame With Facebook Retargeting

Remember those website visitors who flirted with your product or service but never picked up the phone? Retargeting Ads bring them back like a second date for your brand, reminding them why they were charmed in the first place.


Are Best Day Digital Marketing's PPC Services for you?

  • If you are a small, service-based business seeking to generate more leads and conversions through a hands-off approach.
  • If you are frustrated by the time and money it takes to manage your PPC campaigns.
  • If your monthly ad budget is at least $1,000.
  • If you are open to trying a 90-day trial period to see the results.

How Our Facebook Ads Management Services Works...

Dive into our Facebook Ads Management service, where we take your brand from just being online to being everywhere that matters. We mix and match your photos with top-notch Shutterstock images to create ads that pop on both mobile and desktop Newsfeeds. And because we know the digital world never sleeps, we freshen up your ads monthly with new copy and imagery to keep things interesting.

But it's not just about looking good. We get super specific about who sees your ads, targeting by location, interests, age—you name it, we fine-tune it. This means your ads hit the mark every time.

We're also on top of the nitty-gritty, handling all the behind-the-scenes stuff like bid and audience management and setting you up with a custom landing page with your pixel code. Oh, and a call tracking number? Consider it done.

Expect 2-3 ads per ad group from us, keeping your campaign fresh and engaging. Ready to boost your online presence and crush those marketing goals? Let's make some ad magic happen.

What's Included In the Launch?

  • We build your ads using either your imagery or Shutterstock images
  • Monthly updates to both the copy and imagery for mobile and desktop Newsfeed.
  • We identify and build your audiences based on location, age, gender, special interests, broad categories, connections, friends of connections, relationship status, languages, education, workplaces, custom audiences, etc.
  • Bid and Audience management
  • Pixel code generation
  • Custom landing page with your pixel code installed
  • One call tracking number
  • 2-3 ads per ad group

Your Monthly Investment

The budget required to run Facebook Ads can vary greatly between industries and campaign objectives. However, be prepared to start with a minimum monthly budget of $2,000 ($1,000 ad budget + $1,000 management).

It can take three to six months to start seeing results and generating a return on your initial ad spend; therefore, we ask that you commit to a three-month term with us.

Ready to turn your social media followers into loyal customers?

Schedule a free Meta Ads consultation with Best Day Digital Marketing and unlock the hidden potential of your social presence!