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Best Day Digital Marketing is your local Google Ads powerhouse. We bring years of experience and Cazenovia charm to deliver laser-focused advertising campaigns that generate real leads and boost your bottom line.

Supercharge Your Leads with Our Seasoned Google Ads Experts

Unleash the Power of Targeted Advertising!

Imagine this . . .

Someone in Cazenovia needs their pipes unclogged, but instead of dialing every number in the Yellow Pages, they simply Google "emergency plumber Cazenovia."

And guess what? Your plumbing business pops up right at the top of the search results, bright and shiny, promising 24/7 service and sparkling satisfaction.

That's the magic of Google Search Ads, folks.

Google Ads search results

Reach the Right People

We're about getting your service-based business found by the right people when they need you most. We'll target your ideal customer with pinpoint accuracy, wasting no ad dollars on irrelevant searches.

Dominate Local Search

Become the go-to choice in your service area. Let us handle the ad platforms while you focus on what you do best – freeing up your valuable time and resources. Sit back, relax, and watch the leads roll in – we'll handle the heavy lifting, reporting, and ongoing optimization.

Google Ads agency

Are Best Day Digital Marketing's PPC Services for you?

  • If you are a small, service-based business seeking to generate more leads and conversions through a hands-off approach.
  • If you are frustrated by the time and money it takes to manage your PPC campaigns.
  • If your monthly ad budget is at least $1,000.
  • If you are open to trying a 90-day trial period to see the results.

How It Works...

We'll kick things off with a cozy 20-minute chat and get all your accounts ready. We'll craft a landing page that pops and makes sure we're tracking every call and click. Plus, we've got local call tracking and a campaign setup that has been proven to work wonders.

We'll dive deep into what your competitors are up to and tweak offers to stay ahead. Our friendly team will keep your campaign humming with weekly check-ins, landing page experiments, and a dashboard just for you. Don't forget we're also setting up a smart remarketing campaign for you.

You can choose how we catch up each month: a quick call, a written report, or a brief video update. Let's make your Google Ads shine!

What’s Included in Launch

  • 20-minute onboarding call
  • Accounts setup (GTM, Google Analytics, Google Ads)
  • Landing Page - We will create a high-converting landing page that matches your business’s branding and is highly relevant to your ad copy.
  • Tracking implementation for phone calls and lead form submissions.
  • Local area call tracking numbers.
  • Proven campaign setup - Includes keywords, negative keywords, ad copy, audience targeting, and ad extensions.
  • Google Ads Remarketing campaign.
  • 6-month Playbook
  • Competitive landscape and offer review.

What’s Included in Management

  • Weekly account management and optimizations using our 130-point optimization checklist.
  • Landing page testing.
  • Your own PPC reporting dashboard.
  • Every month, you'll receive a report on your account, plus you can choose how you'd prefer to communicate with us:
    • 20-minute catch-up call.
    • Written report, plus ~5-minute video update.

Your Monthly Investment

The budget required to run Google Ads can vary greatly between industries and campaign objectives. However, be prepared to start with a minimum monthly budget of $2,000 ($1,000 ad budget + $1,000 management).

Are you ready to get more leads so you can make more sales?

Contact Best Day Digital Marketing today for a free Google Ads consultation and discover how we can make your marketing dreams a reality!